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Sip on This Badass Wolverine Latte Art, Bub

Keep your flowers, keep your leaves and – most of all – keep your pointless, swirly dipsy-doos. Now prepare to behold some real latte art, dear reader. Wolverine star Hugh Jackman posted the photo below to Twitter on Monday morning, giving one unidentified barista some well deserved props: Now

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The Movie That Will Remind You Why Old School Action Sequences Are Still Awesome

The Raid 2 is a throwback to an era when a movie could be built around the incredible physical skills of its performers. View this image ‘ Julie Estelle in The Raid 2. Sony Pictures Classics It was easy to miss The Raid 2 when it opened in theaters stateside a few months ago, considering

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iPhone App Lets You Live Inside ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The creators of The Dark Knight Rises released a new iPhone app on Thursday that immerses fans into the world of Gotham City like never before. Using a combination of audio technologies and Hans Zimmer’s amazing score, this free app lets users feel like they are living inside the world of The

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Dolly Parton To Pen Four Songs For Feature Film Shot on Smartphone

Music legend Dolly Parton is going to contribute four original songs to the independent film, Olive, the first feature film shot entirely on a cell phone. Olive is the story of a little girl who changes the lives of three people, all without speaking a word. It also stars two-time Academy Award

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“Transcendence” Just Skims The Surface Of All Our Fears About Technology

Johnny Depp plays a man who becomes the world’s first post-human in Transcendence. It’s not the smartest movie about the singularity, but it does bring up all kinds of fears people have about what technology has in store for humanity. View this image ” Peter Mountain / Alcon Entertainment

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