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A Game of Hives: Two Australian Bee Species Battle For Months Over Territory

An international team of ecologists have discovered evidence of a massive Game of Thrones-style war between two species of stingless bees in Brisbane, Australia. These bees battled to the death for months on end, all over possession of a honey-filled hive, in a massacre that would make George R.

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Woman Brings Husband’s Ashes To T-Mobile To Finally Close His Account

It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but Maria Raybould brought her husband’s ashes to a T-Mobile store. The phone company wouldn’t believe he’d really died of cancer. Raybould’s husband, 57-year-old David, passed away in late August. In the weeks following his death, the Cardiff, Wales

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This Extremely Rare Disease Keeps You Awake For The Rest Of Your Life

Not getting enough sleep eventually culminates in a day or two of brain-befuddling wooziness, but its nothing compared to the effects of chronic insomnia. This sleep disorder, caused by certain medicines, negative lifestyle factors, physical illness, or mental health problems, it leads to mental

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