Ben Huh: My 72 Hours Living Like a Normal

I’ve given up my laptop for 30 days. I pared down to just my phone and tablet because I believe this is the future of the Normals – the mainstream consumers. They don’t care about how awesome big data is. They don’t beta test iOS 7 to understand its helvetican nuances. They don’t buy into the

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Hyperloop Company Reveals Magnetic Levitation Tech That Will Reach Speeds Of 760mph

One of the leading Hyperloop companies in the U.S. has revealed the magnetic levitation technology it will use to send pods at tremendous speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers per hour(760 miles per hour). You are probably familiar with the technology known as maglev (magnetic levitation), used by

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Where’s Our Future Technology? — Thought Glass #10

Thought Glass explores origins and behaviors while blending physical images with computer graphics. It is performed in one take. Huge Thanks To Bill Nye: **** SOURCES AND LINKS **** Flying Cars Teleportation Space Colonies The Planetary Society ************************************** Vsauce

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